Roots: The Portuguese background of the America's Sephardic elites

Roots is an online platform that aims to share materials and working tools (primary sources, bibliographies, biographical notes, finding aids, genealogies, etc.) related to Portuguese Jewish families who moved to Colonial North America in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Monções Project

The Monções project – New Christians, Jews and those convicted of Judaism by the Inquisition of Goa – seeks to recover the identity and history of the defendants tried by the tribunal of the Holy Office of Goa for behaviours associated with Judaism.

Praying to the God of Israel Project

The project “Praying to the God of Israel according to the Portuguese Tradition (16th – 18th centuries)” intends to identify, publish and analyse manuscript prayer books (siddurim) of a clandestine nature and belonging to the Portuguese-Jewish tradition, preserved within processes or other inquisitorial documentation.

Past projects